4 green and cheap brands to shopper in supermarkets

Want to adopt a more natural and eco-friendly beauty routine without running from one store to another or spending a fortune? Here are 5 really green and accessible brands.

The new year usually goes hand in hand with good resolutions. Have you decided to approach 2021 in a more « eco-conscious » way, especially by opting for beauty products that are less toxic to the planet? Yes, but lo and behold, you haven’t made a habit of going to the organic store regularly or you just don’t have time to shop here and there… No problem: you can now find a lot of « green » brands in the cosmetics department of your usual supermarket. In addition to being easy to access, they have the advantage of displaying a small price.


In reality, there is no established definition. But this vague label usually refers to cosmetic brands that want to be as good for the skin as they are for the environment. To adopt a more « green » consumption, we will therefore dwell on:

Product packaging: many brands are surfing the trend by developing packaging in green tones with vegetable illustrations, while the product itself is nothing natural: don’t be fooled! Ask yourself if there has really been an effort on the design of the packaging, and most importantly, whether it can be recycled or reused. The goal: draw a line on the superfluous plastic!

Its components: is it made from natural ingredients? Its formulation should be displayed transparently, and above all, it should not contain polluting chemicals or endocrine disruptors. Some apps like Yuka, or INCI Beauty can help you assess the potential impact of your products on your health according to their composition (to be used with a critical eye, of course).

Its labels: favour products labelled organic (Organic Label of the European Union, Ecocert…) and vegan (without ingredients of animal origin and untested on animals).

Its durability: does its use reduce waste? For example, the solid shampoo can make about 50 shampoos (with a pebble of 100 grams), or save three plastic bottles.

Its traceability: focus on brands that reveal the places where their products are produced in a transparent manner. The more local, the better!

In short, adopting a routine called « green » means taking care of your skin while reducing the carbon impact of your purchases. Be careful though, « green » does not especially mean harmless to the epidermis. Some naturally occurring active ingredients may be aggressive and are not suitable for all skin types, while others are not recommended for children or pregnant women (such as some essential oils). Be sure to read the instructions carefully and test a small piece of skin before applying it in large quantities.


Here are 4 « green » brands to slip into your shopping cart on your next trip to the supermark

  1. Welda

2. Nae

3. La Provençale

4. SO’BiO étic

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